Since 1978, Little Earth School has been providing an exceptional education program to children, 3-1/2 to 12 years old. Our School’s dedicated administration and faculty are a diverse group of early childhood educators with advanced degrees and many years of teaching experience. The outstanding quality of our program is due primarily to the expertise, professionalism and loyalty of our staff.
Little Earth’s curriculum is comprehensive and enriching. When children have moved on to other schools the transition has been smooth and they are able to adapt easily to new learning environments. Former students and parents report Little Earth School graduates excel academically in elementary school through college, and “standout” in their social skills, self confidence, leadership, creativity and respect for self and the individuality of others. Teachers of former Little Earth students comment on the children’s “sophisticated perspective that everything in the world is a learning tool” and their “highly developed ability to ask for what they need, stand up for themselves, and their ability to be good students, good friends and good citizens.”


“...Each child is a discoverer and explorer, a unique being, and each child deserves and requires the right to engage in the adventure of life in his or her own way.”

Nancy Rudolph, Early Childhood Educator